Monday, 30 September 2013

Haul: e.l.f

I've been looking forward to this delivery since I ordered it on Thursday! I'm going to put it up in 3 sections; My goodies, College Goodies and The free gifts!

My Goodies!

Elf have a palette called the elements palette which is where you pay the £1.50 for the magnetic palette and then you get to fill the palette with your choice of a combination of lip colours or eye shadows. I personally chose to pick 4 eyeshadows as I already have a large lip palette. The four eye shadows I have chosen are called; Pink Ice, Ivory, Sage and Aubergine. Each eye shadow was just £1.50 each so all together this palette costs £7.50 which I think is brilliant!

College Goodies!

As well as another Brush set I had bought from Crown brushes I also ordered four brushes from elf which were essential ones that didn't come with the Crown kit. The brushes were a concealer brush, stippling brush, small angled brush and a fan brush. These brushes arnt for my own use but for client use only so unfortunately I won't be able to use them on myself! The white brushes were just £1.50 and the black £3.75 so they were all very affordable!

The next thing I bought for college is very boring but a just really, it's just a brush shampoo to clean my brushes with, as were advised not to use alcohol. This brush cleaner cost just £3.75 so again very affordable but essential! You get 120ml which will hopefully last me quite a while!

All of the items came to just over £20, and when you spent over £20 you got a free Autumn Collection kit worth £20.

Free Goodies!

The free goodies in the Autumn collection I was very impressed with. I can't believe how many items I was given and I don't think that their is one item that I'm not pleased with and would like to try.

LIPSTICK - Colour Beautiful Berry - Worth £5
A great colour for Autumn and Winter. It's quite a sophisticated colour and it's very creamy so great for not drying out your lips.

SPF 15 LIP BALM - Colour Clear - Worth £3.75
This is great for Winter when the coldness will be chapping my lips! It's clear so great for a day when I'm not wearing makeup!

SINGLE EYE SHADOW - Colour Butter Cream - Worth £3.38
I love this colour so much! It's really pigmented and will make a great base or just a good colour for wearing on its own.

MINERAL EYE SHADOW - Colour Wild - Worth £3
This is Such a beautiful eye shadow colour, it's a coppery brown colour and it's so perfect! I really love it!

MINERAL TWIST UP LINER - Colour Ash - Worth £3 
This is a really nice eyeliner and will make a difference from me wearing the usual black or brown colour so I'm really looking forward to trying this.

LONG LASTING EYE SHADOW - Colour Party - Worth £3.75
I'm really impressed with this eyeshadow! It has a whipped gel formula so it feels amazing! And glides on really nicely. I also love the black and silvery colour of it, as it has a hint of navy!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Common White Girl Tag!

Ti know this tag was from back in Summer, but I never had a chance to do it then, so I thought why not do it now!?

1) Favourite Starbucks Drink!?

I have two depending on the weather! My go to summer drink is the Strawberry Lemonade refresher which is to die for when it's nice and sunny out! And then my drink I have any other time (which is most of the time) is a Caramel Frappecino with extra cream! Yummy!

2) How long does it take you to get ready of a morning?

From the time in the morning I get up, wash my face, clean my teeth, choose an outfit and get dressed it usually takes me around 30 minutes, and then another 20 minutes to do my makeup. So all in all around 50 minutes.

3) How many selfies do you take in avarage a day?

I don't take that many selfies! I only take them really when I've been trying out makeup looks, and the only other time really is when I'm mucking about with my friend Shannagh. Other than that, it's rare!

4) How many Instagram followers do you have?

I actually don't have Instagram! I'm too addicted to Twitter to have time for anything else!

5) Do you ever say 'Lol' or 'OMG' out loud!?

Unfortunately this is a crime I have to confess to. I have been known to say 'LOL' out loud, but let's face it, if you say you never have your lying! I've probably said OMG before but not being serious. I am glad to announce these words are no longer in my vocabulary... Unless I'm typing.

6) Do you wear the same clothing more than once?

Of course, I'm not rich enough to pay £70 on a new outfit for every single day of the year! If I'm going to be seeing someone I won't wear the same outfit as I have previous times of seeing them, if you get what I mean!? So when people see me they don't see me in the same things twice, but I always wear them other times!

7) Are you racist?

Not in the slightest.

8) How many Tweets do you have?

On my Blogs twitter it just 315, and on my personal account it's 1,547, but I've only had this account since May... That about 13 tweets a day... (Cough, cough follow my twitter! @EmmayBelle cough cough!)

9) Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr!?

T W I T T E R.

10) What do you spend most of your time doing?

On twitter, Watching Youtube videos (such as Zoella280390, FleurDeForce, SprinkleOfGlitter, TanyaBurr, PointlessBlog, ThatcherJoe, DailyGrace, Shaytards, FoodForLouis, YouDeserveADrink, DailyMix, Pixiwoo, TalkBeckyTalk, TwinkleLashes, DollyBowBow, CasperLee, MarcusButler, JimChapman, AllThatGlitters, JuicyStar07, MissGlamorazzi, MirandaSings, NickiPhillipi, EleventhGorgeous, itsJudysLife, ViviannaDoesMakuep... And so many more!) and also shopping... A lot of shopping...

11)  Who are your favourite Youtubers?

I love everyone who I'm subscribed too or else I wouldn't be subscribed but Tanya Burr, Pixiwoo, TwinkleLashes, Sprinkle of glitter and Food/FunForLouis are pretty high up there... I think it's because I've met Louis twice now, and Louise from sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya burr both have recorded video messages for me, I'll forever treasure! I also went to Tanya Burr's meet up and Pixiwoo inspire me so much! Also Holly from TwinkleLashes is such a nice person and really kind, she's really lovley to talk!

12) How often do you do your nails?

Every 3-4 days, I never ever have unpainted nails, and I know thats really bad for them but they look so ugly unless they are painted! But if I have acrylics on the paint usually lasts a week until I repaint them.

13) Are you a shopaholic?

Is this even a question? Yes. 
I spend too much money. #ForeverSkint.

14) How many times have you watched Mean Girls?


15) Do you own a lot of clothes?

I think I have quite a lot... I mean both my wardrobes are full up, but it'd not like I have a walk in closet or anything!

16) Do you take photos of your food before you eat it?


17) Do you wear makeup everyday?

Pretty much. I hate not wearing it, it's like my security blanket! The only days I don't really are like lazy Sundays! 

18) what are your avarage grades in school?

I've left school now but it was always normally between C's and B's.

19) How do you usually style your hair?

99% of the time it's just straightened and left with a cute hair slide or something in, other times I usually wear it in a bun or bony tail wih a big bow in! I love hair bows! Especially form Forever21!

20) Do you always look presentable?

I always make an effort with my appearance when I go out places even if it's just to the shops, but if it's a lazy day at home, and you happen to knock on my door, there is a good chance you will find me in my pyjamas.... It's bad. I know. :')

If you haven't already done this tag, do it and let me know via Twitter!

EmmayBelle x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Haul: Fashion & Beauty Buys!

Firstly I need to appologize for however long this has taken my to post! But recently I've been extremely busy! I know it's no excuse but I have... Really! I have not only started college in makeup and manicures but also work twice a week so it's quite hectic and I have a lot of homework! Anyway, enough of my blabbering on, let's get started!

First are some purchases from Primark! I've wanted a Parka coat for ages and when I went into Primark today I was pleasently suprised by the amount of winter jackets and coats they had stocked in! And yes I headed straight to this gorgeous Parka! It's a lovley khaki green colour with a brown fluffy bit around the good and is lined with a black (or very dark navy) fleece material inside the hood. I loved the detailing on the pockets and really just fell inlove with this coat! It was a bit pricey for Primark I must say at £25 but that really isn't bad for a winter coat!

Let's face it, when going to Primark you can't leave without a pack of socks... Well maybe that's just me! I saw this cute set and instantly picked them up. I think they would look really cool with some boots and it kind of reminds of he tartan theme that's in! And even better when I got to the till found out that they were just £1! (They include Red checkered, white checkered, red leopard print, white crosses and a pair of red with giant hearts on although they were not shown in this picture as I'd already worn them!)

The final thing from Primark is this pair of cute brogues I saw several months ago and fell inlove with them then! I believe they were around the £12 mark, which is pretty good, and then I saw them again the other day for just £4! I grabbed a pair and then got to the till to find out that they were just £3! BARGAIN! I loved the cute detailing on them and think they will look really pretty with skater dresses and tights or frilly socks!

Next from Forever21 is a lovley skater dress I think will look lovley with chunky knit cardigans and tights in the autumn and winter. At £12 this dress is really affordable and looks so flattering on. I wish I'd got it a size down now, as it is slightly loose around the stomach area but never mind, it still looks cute!

The last three things are all beauty products! 

As you may or may not know Collection (or as it used to be called collection 2000) recently paired up with the girlband Little Mix to create a makeup line. Each of the girls got a few items each to create their signature looks. I only picked up one item from the collection which really caught my eye which is Perrie's lipstick. I got this because it's really pretty, and I don't have anything like it, also because she's really pale and I am too so I thought it would suit my skint tone. It's a beautiful purpaly colour which isn't too in your face but still a really nice fall colour. These retail at just £2.99 each.

Next is a product from the brand 'Too Faced'. This is a brand that is well known for its great products but also doesn't have a drugstore price tag. Each eye shadow retails for £15 in boots... But I wasn't going to pay that... It just so happens that I found the clearance section... Where two eyeshadows say on their own on the bottom shelf hidden from everyone else! I paid just £2.50 for my teal pearly eyeshadow which is called Cop A Tea!

The final thing I bought was from bargain central... Poundland! It's a Rimmel highlighter in the shade Shimmering Sand which retails in Boots at the moment for £4.99! Bargain!

That's all for now... Even though I feel like I've bought a lot more, I just can't remember where I've put it all! I'll soon be posting a whats in my college kit box, but I'll have to wait for everything to arrive until then!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Rate Listing

So you all seen and heard of them before, but I know theirs many of you out there that still haven't purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips, so I'm doing this to make your decision on your first purchase a bit easier! I know not everyone will have the same opinion as me but, I hope this might help,

In sixth place: Intensive Care (Yellow/Orange)
In my opinion this is my least favourite from the collection. My reasoning for this is because the scent is hardley noticeable other than a subtle sweet smell and it also has no tint, so really it's just like a basic lip balm. I love the colour of the packaging for this however and it defiantly stands out!

In fifth place: Mint Fresh (Green/Purple) 
I enjoy mint, as a colour, as a toothpaste flavour, but on my lips... I'm not to sure. It's not horrible, not at all, it just is something I'm not used to. This lip balm too has no colour so it comes out clear, which is okay. The smell is quite over whelming as a lip balm, however the packaging is cute! I love the lime green and purple! 

In fourth place: Pink Punch (Pink/Yellow)
A tinted lip balm! This bubblegum pink colour is lovley and has great pay off for a tinted balm! The smell is definitely either a love or hate scent, and I live it! The packaging is very attractive in the pink and yellow, and matches the colour of the balm itself! I 100% reccomend this!

In third place: Hydrate (Blue/Pink)
This lip balm is my go to 'under lipstick' lip balm. I love the scent! And I know so many other people on youtube who have also said they love the smell of it too! I think it smells slightly lemony which is nice and refreshing, and it's very moisturising!

In second place: Peach Kiss (Purple/Peach)
Can I just say... Is smells AMAZING. My favourite scent by far! I love this so much, and the packaging is so cute! The colours really draw you in, although I'm a sucker for packaging I shouldn't let this make my decision for me! The colour pay off isn't as good as Pink Punch, but it still adds a tint of a nude lip. The scent reminds me of jelly! Like when you make jelly at home and you have the cubes of jelly to dissolve in water, it really reminds me of that... Is that weird!?

And if first place.... : Cherry Me (Orange/Fuchsia)
This lip tint has won first place for me mainly for the colour pay off, as it's a beautiful reddy pink colour which leaves your lips looking soft and lovley! The scent is also lovley, but only really if you like cherry as it's smells strongly of it! The packaging is cute too... I've overused that word so much but it really just sums them up!

Each of the non tinted baby lips claims to have an SPF of 20.

All of the baby lips claim to have 8hour hydration.

I hope this helps! EmmayBelle x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hate or Rate: Urban Beauty United Brushes

Hi girlies, so as you can probably tell I've been slightly behind on posts recently. I'm so sorry, but I've been really busy, however today I have an exciting new brand that I've discovered and have a little review for you all!

Urban Beauty United or UBU are a brush brand available in many countries such as England, India, Italy, Austrailia, Spain, Brazil and Finland! As well as 16 other countries! In the Uk however they are only available at selected Tesco's and Asda's. I picked mine up at my local Asda's for just £6 for the 3 piece Smoke Screens set.

This set contains 3 eye brushes, which are meant to give you the smokey eyed look, and they did not disappoint. You recieve an eye defining brush, similar to Mac's 266, a tapered blending brush, and a domed smudged brush, which is by far my favourite! Each brush uses synthetic bristles which are great when it comes to cleaning your brushes as they are in my opinion easier to clean. They each pick up a good amount of product too.

Not only are the brushes extremely affordable and easy to work with but they are also attractive in appearance. This is the main selling point of this brand. Everything's high in colour. The white handles, black barrels and purple bristles are appealing and look sleek, and edgy. I like the colour of the bristles as you can see whether your brushes are clean or not. Throughout the whole collection UBU use many different colours on their brushes, such as pink, orange and red.

I highly recommend these brushes, especially if your on a budget or not wanting to pay as much as the higher end charges. I hope you've enjoyed this, and please follow me on twitter @EmmayBelle and bloglovin' ! Bye! X

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Liebster awards Part 2!

I know I was nominated once, but I've also been nominated again by the lovley ElleP from so I've decided to answer the questions she's given to me! I won't be tagging anyone else however, as I've already tagged a few in my previous post! 

Questions from Elle!

 1: Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I fan girl over youtubers and have met Louis Cole (fun/food for Louis) twice, I live near to Kate (DollyBowBow) and sat in the same cafè as her a few weeks back, and Tanya Burr and (Louise) Sprinkle of glitter both have recorded me personal messages on my sisters camera at summer in the city! As well as that Tanya, Jim, Louis and other youtubers have favourited my tweets which has sent me in to fan girl mode! 

2: What did you want to be when you were growing up and what are you now?

I can't remember what I wanted to be as a little kid, but I know as a child wanting to do hair dressing, and getting a bit older like 10 and 11 wanting to do nail art! I had a mini nail bar set up in my bedroom and everything! I even learnt how to do acrylics! Now I'm focused on achieving a career in Makeup, which I know I will end up doing 100%.

3: What is your most embarrassing childhood story?

I'm really not sure! I'm lucky in a sense that I don't think I've ever had anything overly embarrassing happen to me! There's been them cringey moments before when I've called a teacher mum forgetting I'm actually at school :'). 

4: What would you say your worst habit is?

Ever since I was little I've had a habit of saying "do you know what" before a sentence. My mum said when I was about 3 or 4 I was talking to a lady at the train station (goodness knows why!) and she turned around to my mum and said "does she start every sentence with do you know what?" ... Snooty lady :') 

5: What do you like about blogging?

The fact that you can express your own opinions on things and it will never be wrong. I also love communicating with other bloggers over social media sites like twitter!

6: If you had a super power, what would it be?

Definitely to have control of time to fast forward or rewind, so I can make changes in my life, and skip all of the rubbish bits...

7: Your biggest fear?

Hmmm I have a few! I hate pitch black darkness, being in the sea and not being able to see whats swimming around you and meeting new people and being in new situations!

8: How many shoes roughly do you own?

I think I've counted before and it's like 40, but I've bought more since then! Here's a photo I took on my phone a while back, whilst trying to sort them all out...
(Baring in mind many more have joined the shoe family since then... Like at least 7 more...)

9: Favourite movie of all time?

The Sound Of Music! 

10: How many teddies on your bed and what are their names?

I have zero on my bed! I have like 3 in my room though, a persil's bear called (goog-eye) I don't know why he has that name or where why I named him this but I had him since I was a baby and this has always been his name... I don't even know how to spell it! I also have 2 more of him, one which I lost as a baby (I think may have been the original) and an identical one I found as a child and had to buy! which is also in my room. I also have little mouse teddy called Malcolm, which I got from Dickens World, several years ago! I'm not ashamed to say I have black sacks full of teddies up the loft, a large amount being Stitch teddies :') 

11: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?

I'd be in America sitting on Main Street watching a parade with an ice cream from the yummy ice cream parlour there! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone!
I was nominated by or @beautyloves_ so I'm going to go ahead and complete it!

This is what I must do (and the people I nominate)
Share 11 facts about myself
Answer the 11 questions given to me by the person who nominated me.
Nominate blogs with less than 200 followers.
Create 11 new questions,
No TAG backs.

Here we go! 

Random facts about me!

1. I'm obsessed with youtube and make sure I get my daily fixes of Shaytards, DailyGrace, Tanya Burr, SprinkleOfGlitter, pointlessblog, Zoella280390, the list goes on!

2. I have 104 nail polishes and still counting!

3. I'm makeup obsessed and I spend a fortune on it every month. I buy so much my dad says I buy more than Boots do whole sale :').

4. I have a giant african landsnail called Flic, who is extremely big, but still hasn't reached her full size!

5. I hate the dark, and find it very hard to go to sleep if all the lights are off.

6. I've spent two months of my life in America.

7. The first concert I ever went to was a Hear'Say concert when I was 4, I was the youngest one there, and have attended so many concerts since including Jingle Bell Balls, Summertime Balls and T4 Stars.

8. I have personal video messages from Tanya Burr and Louise from Sprinkle of glitter, that my sister got them to film for me at summer in the city (They actually said my name... I freak out thinking about it now) #FanGirl :')

9. I've met Louis Cole (FunForLouis, FoodForLouis) twice, once On The way back from a Tanya Burr meet up in London, and for the second time sitting opposite him on the tube a week or two ago.

10. I attended a school which was so tiny, their were only ever around 1-4 people in a class (five on a busy day!) and left in July with all of my gcse's as passes!

11. My scents which my friends recognise as me are Couture Couture by Juicy Couture or Vera Wang Princess!

Questions asked by @BeautyLoves_

1. If you had to go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

Don't feel you need to change yourself to fit in with other people, you will only make yourself unhappy pretending to be someone your not.  

2. What is your guilty pleasure? 

Probably frappès... I love them so much even though they are so fattening!

3. Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging because I've read so many inspiring people's blogs for so long, they seem just great fun to do. I have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment, and I'm trying to get into the makeup industry, so it's almost like a diary, so when I become successful, and get to where I want to be I can look back at everything I've learnt (as ill be sharing it all with you guys.)
4. What's the best opportunity you have gained from blogging? 

This may sound cheesy, but getting to chat to so many of you over twitter! I can't believe how lovely this community is! So many of you have commented on how you enjoy my blogs and it really makes my day! Also being able to colab on other beauty bloggers blogs have been great aswell!

5. What is your favourite magazine?

Elle magazine! I love my subscription so much! Ahha

6. What are your go-to beauty products? 

If I only had to choose one it would probably be baby lips, which I know is so cliché but I absoloutley adore them!  

7. What reality television program do you wish you were part of? 

I don't really watch a lot of telly, I mean I watch the odd eastenders, and towie but Im a youtube geek at heart. I'd love to appear on daily mix! 

8. What celebrity do you style yourself upon? 

Ooh tricky! I think Tanya Burr is stunning! I love her fashion sense and she always has cute dresses on that are figure flattering or cute skirts and jackets. I'd definitely say she has inspired my taste in clothing, Im forever buying skirts, dresses and cute little jackets. 

9. Makeup, shoes or bags? (If you had to pick just one) 

Ahhhh.... This is like hell for me! For those who didn't know I have a HUGE collection of each, but if I had to choose one it would be makeup for sure! It's my future career path!

10. Other than blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I work in a little shop, just voluntary really to get out and socialise. I also watch a lot of beauty tutorials on youtube, oh and shopping of course!

11. What do you hope your blog will be like in a years time? 

I hope I have a extremely successful blog. I really out everything I can into it so I really hope it pays off!

Ill tag my nominees via twitter, do what I have done but instead answer the questions I leave you below. Remember to send me the link when your done so I can check them out!

1. What is your one makeup item that you carry everywhere?
2. Do you prefer perfumes or body splashes, if so what ones?
3. Most worn clothing item of this season?
4. What is an interesting or unusual talent you have?
5. Do you ever follow makeup tutorials or do you make up your own?
6. Cheapest and most expensive thing you've bought recently?
7. Would you ever want your children to go into blogging?
8. Favourite Tv show?
9. One piece of advice you have to a younger blogger?
10. Where do you store all of your beauty/ makeup items and is it neatly kept?
11. Do you watch any Youtubers if so who!?



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Face Of The Day!

For those who were wondering what products I had used on my face, for my dads surprise birthday party, here it is!

Foundation: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection 
Concealer: Rimmel Stay Matte concealer
Powder: Wet n' Wild Ultimate touch
Blusher: Benefit's Bella Bamba
Bronzer: Milani Shimmer brick 
Eyebrows: Benefits smokin eyes and brows kit & Mua clear mascara
Eyeshadow: Rimmel mono shadow in Spicy Bronze, Collection 2000 loose pigment in Paradise and a Kiko eyeshadow in 123.
Eyeliner: Miss sport liquid liner in extra black.
Mascara: NYC big and bold volume mascara.
Lipstick: Mac Sheen Supreme in Behave Yourself
Lipgloss: Chanel Glossimer in Astral 104

Enjoy! X

Friday, 6 September 2013

Guest Blogger Sammy's Hate & Rate

Some of you may have seen that on this week Beauty Blogger's Chat I was looking for somebody to guest post on my blog, and Emmay was keen to do so, and even offered to let me write a guest post for her (which I was so excited about.) So here it is, a post about what I'm rating and what I'm hating at the moment, enjoy! 

I thought I'd start with the product I'm loving right now which is Lush I know as the weather gets colder a lot more bloggers are talking about this, but it really is saviour for cracked lips. It's £5.50 a pot which seemed expensive to me (because I'm a cheapskate) but it's fairly long lasting and really worth the money. This is quite a harsh exfoliator, you need the tiniest bit each time, just really rub it into your lips and then lick off the excess. It leaves lips tingly and super soft, ready for a fruity lip balm of your choice.
I find the taste a little bit too sickly for me (though not unpleasant, it tastes of candyfloss, yum) but you can get two other flavours; Mint and Popcorn. I'll definitely be stocking up for winter - and raving about it to anyone who shows the vaguest bit of interest when they see me using it!

Ok, I know this is going to be controversial, but I'm going for it. Right now I'm hating Barry Gelly High Shine Nail Polish.I know I'm in the minority here, but hear me out. I absolutely love the colours, the one shown in the picture is Lychee, the most gorgeous neutral nude (and keylime and grapefruit are to die for) but the formula isn't for me at all. For £3.99, the price is more than reasonable, and I can't argue that it does go on quite well. It does have a high shine like promised, but I find I barely ever get through a day without whole nails chipping and flaking away. To put this into context, I do work in an environment where I use my hands a lot, I'm a waitress, but it's disappointing to see such a leading brand on nail varnish falling at the very first hurdle.
In my opinion, I'd say stick to their standard nail varnishes, or be willing to fix them up every few days (or every day if you have a manual job!) 

Thank you for reading :) Please feel free to go and check out my 

Sammy xo

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bargain Beauty Buys!

I made a quick trip into Poundland earlier today and decided to have a quick look in the beauty section as never fail to find a little bargain in there! It was stashed with lots of great products I was so suprised! Rimmel lipglosses and highlighters, Sinful Colors nail polishes (normally £1.99), packs of 3 Collection 2000 nail polishes and so much more! However I decided to just pick up the three items that I wanted most!

First I picked up an OPI shatter nail polish... YES! OPI in the poundshop! It's a beautiful deep shimmering purple colour, called Super Bass, from the Nicki Minaj collection! I was so surprised! This is a really beautiful polish and although I haven't tried it yet Ive seen images of it over the top if a teal blue colour and it looks so nice! Even if I really hate it, I can give it to someone and have them think its worth more than it really is :') 

Next I got a crème eyeshadow by Calvin Klein! It's again a purpley colour with a slight grey tone to it and shimmer. I think it's super pretty and it's really pigment, I'm not sure if it will crease once it's applied or not but I have some similar coloured eye shadows I could use to set it with.

And finally I purchased a Rimmel mono eye shadow in 200 Spicy Bronze, which I know for a fact they are still selling in Boots for £5.49! Bargain! It's a beautiful coppery brown shade with a slight shimmer but I think it will look amazing in the crease. I may try to depot this in the near future though as single eye shadows tend to get on my nerves! I prefer palettes personally! The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is outstanding though and for a pound you can't go wrong!

Thank you for reading and please don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@EmmayBelle) and BlogLovin! X

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Shades of Autumn/Winter

Hello Girlies,
I'm a sucker for a great lip colour! The brighter, the better! Here are some of my personal favourites for the coming seasons.

This is a beautiful lipstick not only because its long lasting but also the colour is the most popular from the collection, and is one of Zoe Sugg's (Zoella280390) favourite lip colours to wear. The shade is a deep red with a some purple tones to it. Although the lipstick is a matte its not drying and has quite a nice creamy consistency. This is one of them Lipsticks you kind of have to be brave to wear! It's abold  colour, however I think so many people are wearing these shades in recent years its more socially acceptable to be seen with such a bright colour! And it's only £5.49!

Seeing this shade really makes me think of autumn! I think it's the orangey tone to it makes me think of walking through Greenwich park as a child with all of the golden leaves on the floor! Anyway enough of reminiscing! I love this lipstick to pieces! I think it's a classy colour which can look sophisticated day or night. As a coral lipstick most people would probably put it into the summer category but I think this can most definitely be pulled off. This is more expensive at £15 but totally worth it.

This is a pale pink lipstick, but when applied its in more of a gloss formulation. This can be Botha negative and a positive, as you don't need to apply a gloss over the top, however it's not long wearing and will most probably need to be re applied within an hour or two. Most colours during winter and autumn tend to be darker, however I think this lipstick can really work and look pretty, it will also carry you through to spring too, it's a real staple to have. I'm not sure on the price of this, but I believe it's an American brand! Please correct me if I'm wrong! 

This is a beautiful berry toned red, perfect for the coming seasons. As its a tint the colour payoff isn't   opaque however it certainty makes your lips the colour intended. I love this balm for a day when you just want something on your lips but not to look to bold. It's a size to carry round, and the chubby stick esk design of it makes it look more expensive than it actually is, as its just £3! BARGAIN! 

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hi Girlies!
Theirs a lot of items I've been loving this month as I've been spending a bit more than I probably should! So here we go!


Firstly I've been absolutely loving the Sleek Snapshots Palette. I think the colours are gorgeous, and theirs always a colour in there that will match outfit of the day I'm wearing. Each colour is exceptionally well pigmented and really nice. I love sleek palettes over all really and at just £7.99 you can't go wrong!

The brand Mua is always really hit or miss for me, however their one direction line certainly has a little gem in it! The lipsticks caught my eye out of the whole collection and I fell in love with Louis's. the lipstick line is called Kiss You ... (Appropriately named!) And Louis's lipstick shade is called Rock Me. It's a pretty lilac- pink colour and has a great colour pay off. I know this range is most defiantly aimed at Tweens but who cares! I'm a sucker for the mac -esk packaging and the printed bullet! 

The next items also from Mua, however this time it's just a clear mascara. As a beauty blogger this may be shocking, but I've never owned a clear mascara before! I've never really seen the point! However I've started to want to set my eyebrows and keep them looking a bit neater, so I purchased a £1 clear mascara and its great! I wipe the excess on to the back of my hand so my eyebrows don't look awful and just come it through after I've filled them in to set them! It works a treat and for £1 you can't complain!

Next is an item which I would NEVER normally buy. I only buy items from Poundland really if there known brands such as Rimmel and Miss Sporty, however I came across a dupe for the Benetint by Benefit. It's by Poundland's own brand ChitChat (such an awful name! I know!) but I thought I may aswell give it a whirl, seeing I don't plan on splashing out £24.50 any time soon! However it's great! I can't really compare to the Benetint as I've never used it personally but this does everything I want it to! It's long wearing, doesn't stain your skin, easy to apply and smells lovely! 

The final makeup item is by Chanel and its one of their Glossimer's in Astral (104) I love this lipgloss! It's a beautiful shimmery pink colour but it reflects all different colours in the light and is so pretty! It's pretty pricey at £21 but its going to last me a very long time and the quality of it is like no other!


This month I've been loving my Bumble&Bumble Thickening Hairspray. This came free in my August Elle subscription and its fabulous! I already have thick hair, however sometimes lack volume in the roots, so I few squirts of this adds an extra something! I'm not overly keen on the smell, but it fades fast anyway.  The small 50ml bottle of this retails for £7.50, which is quite pricey for hairspray but it does exactly what it says on the bottle and I really like it! 

And last but not least is the wonderful Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink grapefruit face wash in gel formulation! This is amazing! Not only does it deep clean your skin, removing makeup and other nasty things but it smells  amazing and leaves your skin feeling super soft and well cleansed. It retails for £4.94 usually but it's on offer for just £3.29 at the moment it boots so its a steal!