Saturday, 28 September 2013

Haul: Fashion & Beauty Buys!

Firstly I need to appologize for however long this has taken my to post! But recently I've been extremely busy! I know it's no excuse but I have... Really! I have not only started college in makeup and manicures but also work twice a week so it's quite hectic and I have a lot of homework! Anyway, enough of my blabbering on, let's get started!

First are some purchases from Primark! I've wanted a Parka coat for ages and when I went into Primark today I was pleasently suprised by the amount of winter jackets and coats they had stocked in! And yes I headed straight to this gorgeous Parka! It's a lovley khaki green colour with a brown fluffy bit around the good and is lined with a black (or very dark navy) fleece material inside the hood. I loved the detailing on the pockets and really just fell inlove with this coat! It was a bit pricey for Primark I must say at £25 but that really isn't bad for a winter coat!

Let's face it, when going to Primark you can't leave without a pack of socks... Well maybe that's just me! I saw this cute set and instantly picked them up. I think they would look really cool with some boots and it kind of reminds of he tartan theme that's in! And even better when I got to the till found out that they were just £1! (They include Red checkered, white checkered, red leopard print, white crosses and a pair of red with giant hearts on although they were not shown in this picture as I'd already worn them!)

The final thing from Primark is this pair of cute brogues I saw several months ago and fell inlove with them then! I believe they were around the £12 mark, which is pretty good, and then I saw them again the other day for just £4! I grabbed a pair and then got to the till to find out that they were just £3! BARGAIN! I loved the cute detailing on them and think they will look really pretty with skater dresses and tights or frilly socks!

Next from Forever21 is a lovley skater dress I think will look lovley with chunky knit cardigans and tights in the autumn and winter. At £12 this dress is really affordable and looks so flattering on. I wish I'd got it a size down now, as it is slightly loose around the stomach area but never mind, it still looks cute!

The last three things are all beauty products! 

As you may or may not know Collection (or as it used to be called collection 2000) recently paired up with the girlband Little Mix to create a makeup line. Each of the girls got a few items each to create their signature looks. I only picked up one item from the collection which really caught my eye which is Perrie's lipstick. I got this because it's really pretty, and I don't have anything like it, also because she's really pale and I am too so I thought it would suit my skint tone. It's a beautiful purpaly colour which isn't too in your face but still a really nice fall colour. These retail at just £2.99 each.

Next is a product from the brand 'Too Faced'. This is a brand that is well known for its great products but also doesn't have a drugstore price tag. Each eye shadow retails for £15 in boots... But I wasn't going to pay that... It just so happens that I found the clearance section... Where two eyeshadows say on their own on the bottom shelf hidden from everyone else! I paid just £2.50 for my teal pearly eyeshadow which is called Cop A Tea!

The final thing I bought was from bargain central... Poundland! It's a Rimmel highlighter in the shade Shimmering Sand which retails in Boots at the moment for £4.99! Bargain!

That's all for now... Even though I feel like I've bought a lot more, I just can't remember where I've put it all! I'll soon be posting a whats in my college kit box, but I'll have to wait for everything to arrive until then!

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