Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review - MUA Matte Finnish Lipsticks

I was shocked to discover MUA's new matte collection of lipsticks. At the moment there are only 5 lipsticks in this collection, instead of the 16 in their regular collection. These lipsticks are just £1 each, so the the same price which I think is pretty good for the quality of the lipsticks. From each of the five shades there are 'staple' shades, a Coral, Red, Pink, Nude and Vampy Berry colour. The obvious difference is the packaging, it's pretty similar and the same shape and design but the colour is white instead of the black, which I think looks a better but still pretty cheap.

I chose just two of the colours which were Totally Nude & Pouty Pink. I really like the nude colour as it's a good colour for my fair skin. In comparison with the nude from the normal collection it's quite different. As you can tell by the pictures below the matte finnish is on the right. The original is a lot glossier and looks quiet dewy. The matte finnish is also a lot more of a peachier colour where as the original (shade 14) is more of a pinkier nude. It has quite a opaque finnish which is good so the colour pay off is nice. One thing I will say about the matte lipsticks is that they are not very moisturising and don't glide on your lips as smoothly as the non matte lipsticks. 

The pink shade is a bright colour, which isn't really appropriate for the up and coming seasons, however I think it will be really pretty in the summer time. In the tube it looks pretty similar to MAC's Viva Glam Nicki, however when I applied the quality difference is noticeable. MUA's Pouty Pink is a lot sheerer than Viva glam Nicki and when both applied next to each other it's clear which ones the cheaper one. As with the Nude it's quite awkward to apply and drags along the lips instead of smoothly gliding. 

Overall I would recommend these lipsticks as for the price they do their job and look good, but if you have the choice between a more expencice Make such as MAC then the choice is enevitable. 

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