Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to school Tag!

Q1 - Top 3 backpack beauty essentials?
- Maybelline baby lips. I recommend the Tutti Fruity one or the hydration one as their my personal favourites. Their smooth to applicate and smell great! 
-Rimmel Stay Matte powder, this is a must really... Or any matte powder, to get rid of the ugly shine school causes you to get through out the day!
-Rimmel Stay matte concealer. I love this because its a solid one so you don't get messy or have the trouble of it leaking in your bag, and it's also fast and simple to apply!

Q2 - Favourite fragrance to attract your school crush?
- One perfume I wear alot is the Vera Wang Princess perfume... I always get compliments on it too. Like I was at a counter the other day and the lady commented on my perfume. Smelling good always given you a boost through out the day!

Q3 - Do you have any school horror stories!? 
- Yes... So many it's unbelievable... I mean we've all done that thing where you call your teacher 'mum' and its so cringey, right!?  I also remember one time I fell over at secondary school and ripped my tights and cut open my knee... Kind of embarrassing! 

Q4 - Do you plan your outfits the day before school or the day of?
- In England we have school uniforms, so up until the last year of my schooling I wore an ugly uniform so I didn't ever need to pick what I was wearing, but for the last year, I became ill and went to a small school for ill people, like a 45 minute drive away. It was tiny their and you could pretty much where what you wanted. I wore either a mini pencil skirt and top or a skater skirt and top, normally with Nike blazers, vans or converse. I usually made my mind up in the morning.

Q5 - Must have back to school beauty trend?
- hmmm... I'd say keep a tube of Soap and Glorys hand food in your bag, or baby lips... Their both my favourites!

Q6 - Favourite back to school fashion trend?
- Cute hair accessories like bows and cute scrunchys... Their coming back into fashion and as long as you don't wear them like a chav, you'll be fine!

Q7 - Best store for school supplies?
- Paperchase! I know it's slightly more expensive but they have the cutest themed stationary ever! I used to buy binders from their even when I didn't need it!

Q8 - Best quick fix for makeup?
- A palette that has a powder blush an eye shadows haha.

Q9 - Any back to school traditions?
- New bag, New shoes, New stationary... I loved getting it all organised the day before!

Q10 - Best school tip you ever recieved?
- Take people as how they are, you'll never change their mannerisms or personality so if their not nice, stay away, don't get to friendly, and remember not everyone wants to be your friend, no matter how nice you are to them. Oh and be yourself! :)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cleaning Your Brushes

Cleaning your beloved makeup brushes can be a chore, especially if they never turn out 'as good as new' when you've finished. However I've learnt a technic that will not only disinfect your brushes, but leave them looking new and fresh again. It's all extremely cheap, and most people have the ingredients  lying around in their cupboards. Here we go!

You will need:
- Disinfectant washing up liquid
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Small plate
- Cup
- Kitchen Towel
-(optional) brush guards (recommended) 

Step One
Take your plate and pour around three table spoons of the disinfectant washing up liquid and the same amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Step Two
Take your first brush and swirl it around in the solution, for several seconds and then continue to swirl your brush around over the palm of your hand. You should start to see excess makeup, turn the mixture a different colour. 
Step Three
After this has been done for a good amount of time, rinse the brush under a Luke warm running tap, until the water runs clear. It's important water doesn't get into the barrel of the brush because this can weaken the glue and bristles may shed. 
Step Four
Now is the time that if you have a brush guard, to put it on. If not then don't worry. You will need to take your glass and put your brush in the glass, bristles facing downwards. This insures water doesn't enter the barrel.
Step Five
Repeat this with all of your brushes. Leave them to dry for an hour or two, in the glass allowing all the water to drain. 
Step Six
Lay out a piece of kitchen towel and lay your brushes down, to allow them to fully dry.

I hope this technic works as well for you as it does for me!

Emmaybelle x

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gifts and Lipsticks


Firstly I'd like to congratulate everyone who received some sort of results this week! I received my GCSE results and I'm extremely pleased with what I got, seeing the circumstances I've had the last year. I hope everyone else did extremely well too. My parents were extremely pleased with my results too, and got me some gifts for working hard, and doing well, as well as going out for a celebratory meal!

 I got to pick what I wanted from MAC... There was so much choice I was over whelmed, so I chose two lipsticks!  The first is a Sheen Supreme Lipstick in 'Behave Yourself'. I haven't yet applied to my lips however I have swatched it on my hand and its a beautiful cool toned cotton candy pink colour, with a slight shimmer running through it. It's also semi opaque which I think looks really pretty.

The second lipstick I'd chosen was MAC's 'Vegas Volt'. The colour is a bold shade of coral, and as its in a amplified formula, it's matte and long wearing, which I love. I think it goes really nicely with my fair skin, brown hair and hazely-brown eyes. In total it came to £30.50 which is on the pricey side but I really appreciate them both. 

Next I got the Sleek 'Snapshots' palette, which cost £7.99 and contains a mixture between mattes and shimmer shades, as well as pastels, brights and neutrals. 

Emmaybelle x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Baby Lips Review!

They have finally arrived! 

After what seems like decades, Maybelline released Baby lips in to the Uk! I think all British beauty bloggers can agree with me that this has been long awaited!

At my local boots Maybelline were holding a 3 for 2 sale, so yes... I picked up 3! I must say, their wasnt the full range and it looked as if it had been truly attacked, with baby lips everywhere! They only had 4 out of 6 of them in stock, which were Mint, Tutti Fruity, Hydration and Intense Care, however I didn't get the intense care one. 

I like the packaging of them as it looks cute, and the bright colours are eye catching. Only the tutti fruity one is tinted and the colour pay off is good, seeing its only a lip balm. On days where Im not wearing a lot of make up it looks nice a subtle without looking as if your not wearing anything. 

They are long wearing and last for at least an hour. I adore the scents of all of them, and find that they are very moisturising to my lips, leaving them as soft as a baby's bum (see what I did their ;) ) 
I apply the hydration one after I've washed my face, before I go to bed. It works well and doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky. 

As these are only £2.99 each I think they are brilliant and everyone reading this should go and get you some! ;).         (Been watching too many American beauty vloggers!)

Em x


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