Friday, 22 November 2013

Liebster Award Part 3!

I was nominated for another Liebster award by the lovley Rosie from and she left me some questions to answer, so here I go!

1). Who are your inspirations? 

People who inspire me have to be Tanya Burr, because she's got such an amazing talent in makeup and can make all skin types look flawless, Wayne from GossMakeupArtist because he is also extremely talented and such a positive person, and also Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo because they are also amazingly talented. These people all inspire me in makeup which is a big part of my life, but I do have other inspirations that arnt connected with the beauty world.

2). If you could live in any city which city would it be?

This would have to be London, I live just on the outskirts now, all I have to do is hop on a train which doesn't take long at all but I just love the atmosphere and the diversity of people there. And of course the shopping! I also love Brighton! 

3). Top 5 favourite singers/bands (and post links?)

Ellie Goulding -

4). What are your views on bullying? 

I hate it with a passion. Coming from somebody who has been bullied I wouldn't wish it upon anyone and I believe that the reason people bully is because they are unhappy with who they are as a person. I see no reasoning for it and the affect it can have on others is devastating. Many people have been bullied in there lives and if your a lucky person who hasn't then please just be looking out for your friends because they might need you, and be too scared to ask for help. Don't let anyone walk over you or take advantage. Your better than them. 

5). Favorite beauty product?

I can't really say I have one specific favourite, as there are so many things I love, but what comes to mind is Mac Lipsticks, you can't beat them! 

6). Is there anything you regret doing? 

Yes and no. I have so many regrets in life that I wish I could change but then if I hadn't made them I wouldn't be the person I am now so in that sence then no.

7). Why did you decide to start blogging and why did you chose the name of your blog? 

I started blogging when I was younger, maybe 10 or so, on a website creator called Piczo I think it was called. Oh dear, them were the days. Thankfully it no longer exists! And the reasoning behind the name EmmayBelle.... You will never know. mwahaha.

8). What is the best experience you have ever had? 

I've got to say the video messages from Tanya burr and Louise from sprinkle of glitter kind of made my life but I'm not really sure what else, maybe our holidays to America and Spain have been pretty memorable. Like swimming with dolphins!

9). What is the worst experience you have ever had? 

Definetly being in hospital! I hated it so much! When my doctor would come round I'd try and hold my breath so my heart rate would drop down low to what it should be to try and get home. My mum found out and told him. Boo.

10). Who or what couldn't you live without? 

My mum and dad... And my dogs... I could live without my sister :') lol joke. Her too I guess.

11). Write a sentence or two about why you love your bestfriend!

I don't have one specific best friend so this is pretty hard to be honest lol.

Ok they were my questions answered now here are some for the people I list below to answer.

1 - One book that you could read over and over again?
2 - Your typical Nando's order?!
3 - Holy Grail beauty product?
4 - Worst life experience?
5 - Who is your fashion icon?
6 - Topshop or River Island?
7 - How many pairs of shoes do you own?
8 - Go to nail colour?
9 - An unusual fact about yourself?
10 - A fashion mistake you've made?
11 - Best christmas gift you've recieved? 

I Nominate - 

Laura - - @LollyLovesX
Emily - - @emilyjanestyle
Georgina - - @georgxna_
Sarah - - @Sarah_Lumsden
Cariad - - @Cariadonlife
Aveen - - @AvyK

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