Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to school Tag!

Q1 - Top 3 backpack beauty essentials?
- Maybelline baby lips. I recommend the Tutti Fruity one or the hydration one as their my personal favourites. Their smooth to applicate and smell great! 
-Rimmel Stay Matte powder, this is a must really... Or any matte powder, to get rid of the ugly shine school causes you to get through out the day!
-Rimmel Stay matte concealer. I love this because its a solid one so you don't get messy or have the trouble of it leaking in your bag, and it's also fast and simple to apply!

Q2 - Favourite fragrance to attract your school crush?
- One perfume I wear alot is the Vera Wang Princess perfume... I always get compliments on it too. Like I was at a counter the other day and the lady commented on my perfume. Smelling good always given you a boost through out the day!

Q3 - Do you have any school horror stories!? 
- Yes... So many it's unbelievable... I mean we've all done that thing where you call your teacher 'mum' and its so cringey, right!?  I also remember one time I fell over at secondary school and ripped my tights and cut open my knee... Kind of embarrassing! 

Q4 - Do you plan your outfits the day before school or the day of?
- In England we have school uniforms, so up until the last year of my schooling I wore an ugly uniform so I didn't ever need to pick what I was wearing, but for the last year, I became ill and went to a small school for ill people, like a 45 minute drive away. It was tiny their and you could pretty much where what you wanted. I wore either a mini pencil skirt and top or a skater skirt and top, normally with Nike blazers, vans or converse. I usually made my mind up in the morning.

Q5 - Must have back to school beauty trend?
- hmmm... I'd say keep a tube of Soap and Glorys hand food in your bag, or baby lips... Their both my favourites!

Q6 - Favourite back to school fashion trend?
- Cute hair accessories like bows and cute scrunchys... Their coming back into fashion and as long as you don't wear them like a chav, you'll be fine!

Q7 - Best store for school supplies?
- Paperchase! I know it's slightly more expensive but they have the cutest themed stationary ever! I used to buy binders from their even when I didn't need it!

Q8 - Best quick fix for makeup?
- A palette that has a powder blush an eye shadows haha.

Q9 - Any back to school traditions?
- New bag, New shoes, New stationary... I loved getting it all organised the day before!

Q10 - Best school tip you ever recieved?
- Take people as how they are, you'll never change their mannerisms or personality so if their not nice, stay away, don't get to friendly, and remember not everyone wants to be your friend, no matter how nice you are to them. Oh and be yourself! :)

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