Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hi Girlies!
Theirs a lot of items I've been loving this month as I've been spending a bit more than I probably should! So here we go!


Firstly I've been absolutely loving the Sleek Snapshots Palette. I think the colours are gorgeous, and theirs always a colour in there that will match outfit of the day I'm wearing. Each colour is exceptionally well pigmented and really nice. I love sleek palettes over all really and at just £7.99 you can't go wrong!

The brand Mua is always really hit or miss for me, however their one direction line certainly has a little gem in it! The lipsticks caught my eye out of the whole collection and I fell in love with Louis's. the lipstick line is called Kiss You ... (Appropriately named!) And Louis's lipstick shade is called Rock Me. It's a pretty lilac- pink colour and has a great colour pay off. I know this range is most defiantly aimed at Tweens but who cares! I'm a sucker for the mac -esk packaging and the printed bullet! 

The next items also from Mua, however this time it's just a clear mascara. As a beauty blogger this may be shocking, but I've never owned a clear mascara before! I've never really seen the point! However I've started to want to set my eyebrows and keep them looking a bit neater, so I purchased a £1 clear mascara and its great! I wipe the excess on to the back of my hand so my eyebrows don't look awful and just come it through after I've filled them in to set them! It works a treat and for £1 you can't complain!

Next is an item which I would NEVER normally buy. I only buy items from Poundland really if there known brands such as Rimmel and Miss Sporty, however I came across a dupe for the Benetint by Benefit. It's by Poundland's own brand ChitChat (such an awful name! I know!) but I thought I may aswell give it a whirl, seeing I don't plan on splashing out £24.50 any time soon! However it's great! I can't really compare to the Benetint as I've never used it personally but this does everything I want it to! It's long wearing, doesn't stain your skin, easy to apply and smells lovely! 

The final makeup item is by Chanel and its one of their Glossimer's in Astral (104) I love this lipgloss! It's a beautiful shimmery pink colour but it reflects all different colours in the light and is so pretty! It's pretty pricey at £21 but its going to last me a very long time and the quality of it is like no other!


This month I've been loving my Bumble&Bumble Thickening Hairspray. This came free in my August Elle subscription and its fabulous! I already have thick hair, however sometimes lack volume in the roots, so I few squirts of this adds an extra something! I'm not overly keen on the smell, but it fades fast anyway.  The small 50ml bottle of this retails for £7.50, which is quite pricey for hairspray but it does exactly what it says on the bottle and I really like it! 

And last but not least is the wonderful Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink grapefruit face wash in gel formulation! This is amazing! Not only does it deep clean your skin, removing makeup and other nasty things but it smells  amazing and leaves your skin feeling super soft and well cleansed. It retails for £4.94 usually but it's on offer for just £3.29 at the moment it boots so its a steal! 


  1. I really want to try the bumble and bumble thickening spray!! Might wait till I have boots points!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X