Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Baby Lips Review!

They have finally arrived! 

After what seems like decades, Maybelline released Baby lips in to the Uk! I think all British beauty bloggers can agree with me that this has been long awaited!

At my local boots Maybelline were holding a 3 for 2 sale, so yes... I picked up 3! I must say, their wasnt the full range and it looked as if it had been truly attacked, with baby lips everywhere! They only had 4 out of 6 of them in stock, which were Mint, Tutti Fruity, Hydration and Intense Care, however I didn't get the intense care one. 

I like the packaging of them as it looks cute, and the bright colours are eye catching. Only the tutti fruity one is tinted and the colour pay off is good, seeing its only a lip balm. On days where Im not wearing a lot of make up it looks nice a subtle without looking as if your not wearing anything. 

They are long wearing and last for at least an hour. I adore the scents of all of them, and find that they are very moisturising to my lips, leaving them as soft as a baby's bum (see what I did their ;) ) 
I apply the hydration one after I've washed my face, before I go to bed. It works well and doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky. 

As these are only £2.99 each I think they are brilliant and everyone reading this should go and get you some! ;).         (Been watching too many American beauty vloggers!)

Em x

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