Sunday, 29 September 2013

Common White Girl Tag!

Ti know this tag was from back in Summer, but I never had a chance to do it then, so I thought why not do it now!?

1) Favourite Starbucks Drink!?

I have two depending on the weather! My go to summer drink is the Strawberry Lemonade refresher which is to die for when it's nice and sunny out! And then my drink I have any other time (which is most of the time) is a Caramel Frappecino with extra cream! Yummy!

2) How long does it take you to get ready of a morning?

From the time in the morning I get up, wash my face, clean my teeth, choose an outfit and get dressed it usually takes me around 30 minutes, and then another 20 minutes to do my makeup. So all in all around 50 minutes.

3) How many selfies do you take in avarage a day?

I don't take that many selfies! I only take them really when I've been trying out makeup looks, and the only other time really is when I'm mucking about with my friend Shannagh. Other than that, it's rare!

4) How many Instagram followers do you have?

I actually don't have Instagram! I'm too addicted to Twitter to have time for anything else!

5) Do you ever say 'Lol' or 'OMG' out loud!?

Unfortunately this is a crime I have to confess to. I have been known to say 'LOL' out loud, but let's face it, if you say you never have your lying! I've probably said OMG before but not being serious. I am glad to announce these words are no longer in my vocabulary... Unless I'm typing.

6) Do you wear the same clothing more than once?

Of course, I'm not rich enough to pay £70 on a new outfit for every single day of the year! If I'm going to be seeing someone I won't wear the same outfit as I have previous times of seeing them, if you get what I mean!? So when people see me they don't see me in the same things twice, but I always wear them other times!

7) Are you racist?

Not in the slightest.

8) How many Tweets do you have?

On my Blogs twitter it just 315, and on my personal account it's 1,547, but I've only had this account since May... That about 13 tweets a day... (Cough, cough follow my twitter! @EmmayBelle cough cough!)

9) Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr!?

T W I T T E R.

10) What do you spend most of your time doing?

On twitter, Watching Youtube videos (such as Zoella280390, FleurDeForce, SprinkleOfGlitter, TanyaBurr, PointlessBlog, ThatcherJoe, DailyGrace, Shaytards, FoodForLouis, YouDeserveADrink, DailyMix, Pixiwoo, TalkBeckyTalk, TwinkleLashes, DollyBowBow, CasperLee, MarcusButler, JimChapman, AllThatGlitters, JuicyStar07, MissGlamorazzi, MirandaSings, NickiPhillipi, EleventhGorgeous, itsJudysLife, ViviannaDoesMakuep... And so many more!) and also shopping... A lot of shopping...

11)  Who are your favourite Youtubers?

I love everyone who I'm subscribed too or else I wouldn't be subscribed but Tanya Burr, Pixiwoo, TwinkleLashes, Sprinkle of glitter and Food/FunForLouis are pretty high up there... I think it's because I've met Louis twice now, and Louise from sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya burr both have recorded video messages for me, I'll forever treasure! I also went to Tanya Burr's meet up and Pixiwoo inspire me so much! Also Holly from TwinkleLashes is such a nice person and really kind, she's really lovley to talk!

12) How often do you do your nails?

Every 3-4 days, I never ever have unpainted nails, and I know thats really bad for them but they look so ugly unless they are painted! But if I have acrylics on the paint usually lasts a week until I repaint them.

13) Are you a shopaholic?

Is this even a question? Yes. 
I spend too much money. #ForeverSkint.

14) How many times have you watched Mean Girls?


15) Do you own a lot of clothes?

I think I have quite a lot... I mean both my wardrobes are full up, but it'd not like I have a walk in closet or anything!

16) Do you take photos of your food before you eat it?


17) Do you wear makeup everyday?

Pretty much. I hate not wearing it, it's like my security blanket! The only days I don't really are like lazy Sundays! 

18) what are your avarage grades in school?

I've left school now but it was always normally between C's and B's.

19) How do you usually style your hair?

99% of the time it's just straightened and left with a cute hair slide or something in, other times I usually wear it in a bun or bony tail wih a big bow in! I love hair bows! Especially form Forever21!

20) Do you always look presentable?

I always make an effort with my appearance when I go out places even if it's just to the shops, but if it's a lazy day at home, and you happen to knock on my door, there is a good chance you will find me in my pyjamas.... It's bad. I know. :')

If you haven't already done this tag, do it and let me know via Twitter!

EmmayBelle x


  1. Very cute blog hun. Shall we follow one another on GFC?
    Let me know xx

    1. I don't have gfc I think! I have bloglovin though!