Monday, 30 September 2013

Haul: e.l.f

I've been looking forward to this delivery since I ordered it on Thursday! I'm going to put it up in 3 sections; My goodies, College Goodies and The free gifts!

My Goodies!

Elf have a palette called the elements palette which is where you pay the £1.50 for the magnetic palette and then you get to fill the palette with your choice of a combination of lip colours or eye shadows. I personally chose to pick 4 eyeshadows as I already have a large lip palette. The four eye shadows I have chosen are called; Pink Ice, Ivory, Sage and Aubergine. Each eye shadow was just £1.50 each so all together this palette costs £7.50 which I think is brilliant!

College Goodies!

As well as another Brush set I had bought from Crown brushes I also ordered four brushes from elf which were essential ones that didn't come with the Crown kit. The brushes were a concealer brush, stippling brush, small angled brush and a fan brush. These brushes arnt for my own use but for client use only so unfortunately I won't be able to use them on myself! The white brushes were just £1.50 and the black £3.75 so they were all very affordable!

The next thing I bought for college is very boring but a just really, it's just a brush shampoo to clean my brushes with, as were advised not to use alcohol. This brush cleaner cost just £3.75 so again very affordable but essential! You get 120ml which will hopefully last me quite a while!

All of the items came to just over £20, and when you spent over £20 you got a free Autumn Collection kit worth £20.

Free Goodies!

The free goodies in the Autumn collection I was very impressed with. I can't believe how many items I was given and I don't think that their is one item that I'm not pleased with and would like to try.

LIPSTICK - Colour Beautiful Berry - Worth £5
A great colour for Autumn and Winter. It's quite a sophisticated colour and it's very creamy so great for not drying out your lips.

SPF 15 LIP BALM - Colour Clear - Worth £3.75
This is great for Winter when the coldness will be chapping my lips! It's clear so great for a day when I'm not wearing makeup!

SINGLE EYE SHADOW - Colour Butter Cream - Worth £3.38
I love this colour so much! It's really pigmented and will make a great base or just a good colour for wearing on its own.

MINERAL EYE SHADOW - Colour Wild - Worth £3
This is Such a beautiful eye shadow colour, it's a coppery brown colour and it's so perfect! I really love it!

MINERAL TWIST UP LINER - Colour Ash - Worth £3 
This is a really nice eyeliner and will make a difference from me wearing the usual black or brown colour so I'm really looking forward to trying this.

LONG LASTING EYE SHADOW - Colour Party - Worth £3.75
I'm really impressed with this eyeshadow! It has a whipped gel formula so it feels amazing! And glides on really nicely. I also love the black and silvery colour of it, as it has a hint of navy!

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