Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Rate Listing

So you all seen and heard of them before, but I know theirs many of you out there that still haven't purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips, so I'm doing this to make your decision on your first purchase a bit easier! I know not everyone will have the same opinion as me but, I hope this might help,

In sixth place: Intensive Care (Yellow/Orange)
In my opinion this is my least favourite from the collection. My reasoning for this is because the scent is hardley noticeable other than a subtle sweet smell and it also has no tint, so really it's just like a basic lip balm. I love the colour of the packaging for this however and it defiantly stands out!

In fifth place: Mint Fresh (Green/Purple) 
I enjoy mint, as a colour, as a toothpaste flavour, but on my lips... I'm not to sure. It's not horrible, not at all, it just is something I'm not used to. This lip balm too has no colour so it comes out clear, which is okay. The smell is quite over whelming as a lip balm, however the packaging is cute! I love the lime green and purple! 

In fourth place: Pink Punch (Pink/Yellow)
A tinted lip balm! This bubblegum pink colour is lovley and has great pay off for a tinted balm! The smell is definitely either a love or hate scent, and I live it! The packaging is very attractive in the pink and yellow, and matches the colour of the balm itself! I 100% reccomend this!

In third place: Hydrate (Blue/Pink)
This lip balm is my go to 'under lipstick' lip balm. I love the scent! And I know so many other people on youtube who have also said they love the smell of it too! I think it smells slightly lemony which is nice and refreshing, and it's very moisturising!

In second place: Peach Kiss (Purple/Peach)
Can I just say... Is smells AMAZING. My favourite scent by far! I love this so much, and the packaging is so cute! The colours really draw you in, although I'm a sucker for packaging I shouldn't let this make my decision for me! The colour pay off isn't as good as Pink Punch, but it still adds a tint of a nude lip. The scent reminds me of jelly! Like when you make jelly at home and you have the cubes of jelly to dissolve in water, it really reminds me of that... Is that weird!?

And if first place.... : Cherry Me (Orange/Fuchsia)
This lip tint has won first place for me mainly for the colour pay off, as it's a beautiful reddy pink colour which leaves your lips looking soft and lovley! The scent is also lovley, but only really if you like cherry as it's smells strongly of it! The packaging is cute too... I've overused that word so much but it really just sums them up!

Each of the non tinted baby lips claims to have an SPF of 20.

All of the baby lips claim to have 8hour hydration.

I hope this helps! EmmayBelle x


  1. I love these, I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award for details on what to do check out live on 24/09/2013 for details xx