Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bargain Beauty Buys!

I made a quick trip into Poundland earlier today and decided to have a quick look in the beauty section as never fail to find a little bargain in there! It was stashed with lots of great products I was so suprised! Rimmel lipglosses and highlighters, Sinful Colors nail polishes (normally £1.99), packs of 3 Collection 2000 nail polishes and so much more! However I decided to just pick up the three items that I wanted most!

First I picked up an OPI shatter nail polish... YES! OPI in the poundshop! It's a beautiful deep shimmering purple colour, called Super Bass, from the Nicki Minaj collection! I was so surprised! This is a really beautiful polish and although I haven't tried it yet Ive seen images of it over the top if a teal blue colour and it looks so nice! Even if I really hate it, I can give it to someone and have them think its worth more than it really is :') 

Next I got a crème eyeshadow by Calvin Klein! It's again a purpley colour with a slight grey tone to it and shimmer. I think it's super pretty and it's really pigment, I'm not sure if it will crease once it's applied or not but I have some similar coloured eye shadows I could use to set it with.

And finally I purchased a Rimmel mono eye shadow in 200 Spicy Bronze, which I know for a fact they are still selling in Boots for £5.49! Bargain! It's a beautiful coppery brown shade with a slight shimmer but I think it will look amazing in the crease. I may try to depot this in the near future though as single eye shadows tend to get on my nerves! I prefer palettes personally! The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is outstanding though and for a pound you can't go wrong!

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