Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What's in my Training Makeup Manicure Kit

This will most probably one of two parts, as I've still not got everything I need. But I thought I could upload the first one because I've been attending the college for 3 weeks now. As you may or may ot know I'm training in Makeup and Manicures which is super fun and also really challenging as I'm already accustomed to my own way of doing things but I need to learn there way of doing things. This stuff either me or my family kindly paid for, so it wasn't supplied by the college its self. We also had to pay for uniform. If I remember the price of the items I'll try and include it next to them! 
The box I use to transport everything I need!

- 2 Hand Sized Towels and a Guest size Towel £2.70-£4.99
- Hand Therapy 2 in 1 Hand and nail cream £1.89
- Nail polish remover Enliven £1
- Medilink Hand Sanitizer (Free from mums work!)

- Superdrug 50 Cotton Wool Pads £1.49
- 4 step nail file from boots £2
- Nail brush from boots £1.49
- 2 packs of Orange Sticks £1
- Plastic Hoofer (already had) 

- Nippers from boots £6.99
- Metal nail file £1.50
- Cuticle Scissors £3.50
- Plastic Depotting pot 99p
- Gold Ted Baker Scissors £7 (Obviously not actual gold!)
- Gold Ted Baker Clippers £6 (Obviously not actual gold!)

- 7 piece brush set from Crown Brushes £18.99 + p&P
(Includes Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye shadow brush, Crease Brush, Lip brush and a Eye liner brush)
- 4 brushes from elf the white ones were £1.50 and the black £3.75
(Fan Brush, Stippling brush, Concealer Brush, Small angled brush)

- Elf Brush shampoo £3.75
- 2 pack primark face wipes £1
- 16pc Lipstick Palette £5

Case of a nail colours:
Sally Hansen Base coat £5.99
Top L-R: Collection 2000 Mint Mojo, Yes Love W45 (spannish), Barry M Key lime, Barry M Spring green! Maybelline Color Show Urban Terquoise.
Middle L-R: Nails inc Heather Grey, Barry M Peach Melba, Barry M Mango, Seventeen Tigers Eye, Barry M Silvery Lilac, Nails inc Denim.
Bottom L-R: Rimmel Double decker red, Barry M Pomegranate, Barry M Neon pink! Collection 2000 Siren, Sinful Colors Daredevil, Sinful colors Pink Forever
Between £1.99 & £11

Obviously I only have one piece of client makeup in this kit at the moment but the rest of it has been orderd and hasn't arrived yet! But that was everything I keep in my kit! Other than things like cuticle oils, cream, and remover which is all kept in college! I hope this has helped for anyone wondering what's in my kit or looking to make a kit for themselves.

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